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Program Correlations

JA Programs Correlate to Various National, State, and District Educational Standards

Math and ELA Standards

A program-by-program glance at Common Core standards.

State Standards

In-depth state-specific correlation reports addressing English, Math, and Social Studies Standards for JA Learning Experiences as well as standards for Employability Skills, Financial Literacy, and CTE courses, where applicable. Grouped by grade level.

National Standards

Comparative charts detailing how JA programs assist educators in addressing National Standards for Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship and others.

These lists are not meant to be exhaustive or intended to suggest that a JA Learning Experience will completely address any given benchmark or set of standards but is designed to show how it can enhance or complement efforts to do so. The flexibility of the programs and supplementary materials allow state specific content or skills to be addressed in depth by the teacher and/or business volunteer as needed.

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